Senior Specialist - Customer Experience

Global Business Services (GBS) designs, builds and operates consistent end-to-end business solutions for adidas, delivering services in the areas of finance, non-trade procurement and human resources.  This drives operating efficiency, better customer experience, company agility and decision making, and ensures the compliance and control environment. This is enabled through consistent end-to-end processes, strong, globally consistent governance of solutions and services, state of the art technology and tools, creativity, and continuous improvement. 



The purpose of this position is to align towards and drive a seamless customer experience that makes every user interaction with the GBS digital touchpoints more valuable, consistent and user friendly. Moreover, this professional acts as user advocates through structured methodologies and tools to define experience improvements.


Key Responsibilities: 

Experience Strategy:

  • Collaborate with global process owners and operations teams in a service delivery setting, by continuously planning and executing user research and service design strategies for different project needs.
  • Develops consistent documentation of customer profiles, needs, requirements & processes including customer journeys. 
  • Develops scenarios, concepts and solutions based on business & user needs. 
  • Supportsdevelopment of ways of working relating to customer experience including processes, tools and competences needed to secure capabilities. 

Specialist advice: 

  • Has dedicated user group focus and provides in-depth user insights and customer journey expertise. 
  • Apply user-centric methods to create end to end user journeys or suggest improvements to existing ones.
  • Formulate user insights based on research data and support evidence-based strategic decision-making.
  • Explores, identifies, and details experience opportunities along the customer journey 
  • Interacts with and constructively challenge users, customers & stakeholder to clarify needs & solution. 
  • Actively monitors and identifies new relevant intelligence, best practice and knowledge within area. 
  • Supports in assessing capabilities (internal & external) within area. 
  • Prepares and executes usability testing with users and customers securing user satisfaction and validation of business value. 
  • Develops and maintains expertise in relevant areas including requirement management, UX-development & testing methods, prototyping, customer usability and relevant technologies, applications, and data. 

Business process testing:

  • Specifies and develops test scenarios to test that new/updated processes deliver improved ways of working for the end user at the same time as delivering efficiencies and planned business benefits. 
  • Records and analyses test results, and reports any unexpected or unsatisfactory outcomes. Uses test plans and outcomes to specify user instructions. 

User research: 

  • Executes generative research to find opportunities for innovation in, and enhancement of, systems, products and services.
  • Design, execute and analyse quali/quantitative surveys and interviews.  
  • Collects and analyses data related to people’s behaviors, needs, and opinions. Supports synthesis of findings and the creation of insights, reports and presentations to inform decision making and drive actions.  
  • Contributes to selection of the user research approaches for projects and initiatives and plans own user research activities.  
  • Supports adoption of agreed approaches.  
  • Contributes to the development of organizational methods and standards for user research.  
  • Facilitates input from users and stakeholders.  
  • Provides constructive challenge and enables effective prioritization of requirements. 

User experience analysis: 

  • Determines the approaches to be used to analyse, clarify and communicate the user experience, users' characteristics and tasks, and the technical, social, organisational and physical environment in which systems, products or services will operate.  
  • Plans and drives user experience and accessibility analysis activities providing expert advice and guidance to support adoption of agreed approaches. 

User experience design: 

  • Designs and develop users’ digital and off-line tasks, interaction and interfaces to meet agreed usability and accessibility requirements.  
  • Translates concepts into outputs and prototypes and captures user feedback to improve designs.  
  • Specifies appropriate tools, methods and design patterns.  
  • Evaluates alternative design options and recommends designs taking into account performance, usability and accessibility requirements.  
  • Interprets and follows visual design and branding guidelines to create consistent and impactful user experience. 

User experience evaluation: 

  • Plans and performs all types of user experience evaluation to check and confirm that usability and accessibility requirements have been met.  
  • Selects appropriate use of formative or summative evaluations.  
  • Facilitates both moderated and unmoderated usability tests. Evaluates prototypes or designs of systems, products or services against the agreed usability and accessibility specifications.  
  • Interprets and presents results of evaluations and prioritises issues.  
  • Checks systems, products, or services which are in-use for changes in usability and accessibility needs and to ensure that these needs continue to be met.  
  • Assesses the stability of requirements against changes in context of use. 

Change management: 

  • Effectively communicate insight reports and formulate actionable steps according to findings.
  • Follow-up and track improvement implementations according to user insights.
  • Manage a constant user insight flow for service operations.
  • Supports in identifying Change Management needs based on global, regional and local change readiness assessments. 
  • Executes the change plan to deliver Communication and Learning to drive the CX mindset across GBS functions. 

Learning design, development, and delivery: 

  • Coach stakeholders through user-centric methodologies (e.g. Design Thinking, Service Design) to improve or create new services.
  • Designs, creates, customizes, and maintains learning materials and resources to deliver CX mindset and behaviors.  
  • Facilitates learning activities to a variety of audiences.  
  • Teaches, instructs, trains students/learners to develop knowledge, techniques and skills using appropriate methods, tools, online environments, equipment and materials.  

Relationship management: 

  • Foster strong relationships with key stakeholders to ensure that their views and requirements are captured in roadmap and product backlog. 
  • Resilience and organization to demonstrate value of user-centric findings while creating/improving service solutions.
  • Deals with problems and issues, managing resolutions, corrective actions, lessons learned and the collection and dissemination of relevant information.  
  • Collects and uses feedback from customers and stakeholders to help measure effectiveness of stakeholder management.  
  • Helps develop and enhance customer and stakeholder relationships. 
  • Work closely with other product owners to ensure stakeholder requirements are captured & prioritized appropriately in their respective roadmaps.  


Key Relationships:  

The role reports into the head of Strategy & Transformation team and impacts all management levels in GBS, ranging from the senior leadership team to operational leads & teams worldwide. 


  • GBS Senior Leadership Team 
  • GBS Operations (Porto/Dalian/NAM/Chennai/Bogotá) 
  • GBS Hire to Retire 
  • GBS Record to Report 
  • GBS Source to Pay 
  • GBS Order to Cash 
  • GBS Planning & Reporting 
  • Human Resources 
  • Global IT 
  • Customer representatives of GBS across markets and functions 
  • Process Excellence teams in GBS 
  • Legal and Data protection  
  • Corporate Communications 


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 

  • Analytical thinking, solution oriented, clear and structured way of working. 
  • Strong ability to gain understanding ofcustomers’ business processesand unmet needs, while also managing expectations and scope. 
  • Confidently facilitate co-creative workshop sessions for internal and external stakeholders
  • Strong ability todevelop and present new ideas, concepts, approaches, and solutions.  
  • Experience indocumenting customer profiles& personas, customer needs and journeys. 
  • Practical experience withagile development and design thinking methods. 
  • Excellentinterpersonal skills& relations with ability to work effectively with stakeholders in complex, fast-paced organizations. 
  • Ability to drive CX efforts under limited guidance.  
  • Fluent in English both verbally and written. 


Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 

  • University degree in Design/Business/Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent. 
  • Proficient practitioner of user-centric methodologies, namely: Design Thinking, Service Design and User Research.
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience within the field of customer and user experience. 
  • Technical experience with relevant CX/UX platforms, technologies, and tools. 
  • Preferably some experience in shared services or Global Business Services.  
  • Experience in leading, developing, and coaching teams. 


adidas celebrates diversity, supports inclusiveness and encourages individual expression in our workplace. We do not tolerate the harassment or discrimination toward any of our applicants or employees. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Title:  Senior Specialist - Customer Experience

Brand:  adidas
Location:  Chennai
TEAM:  Customer Service
State:  TN
Country/Region:  IN
Contract Type:  Full time
Number:  507544
Date:  Feb 12, 2024