Senior Director - Cultural Trends & Design Insights

Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organization:

As a global sport and sport-culture brand, understanding our consumer in the context of our rapidly changing world, understanding the effects of politics, economics, & global movements on the mindset and behaviour of our consumer is essential to grow cultural & creative relevance, the heart of our success.


This role helps to provide the necessary context and meaning to these trends around sports, art, science, design, fashion, pop culture & subculture; bringing them into our creative processes and culture to help fuel and shape our vision, narrative, brand direction as well as supporting design solutions across product and expression.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Support the creative direction development process at adidas through the identification and dissemination of emerging societal, cultural, technological and consumer trends, and design/ creative insights.
  • Create meaningful methodologies for collecting macro/micro consumer, design, & cultural trends.
  • Bring forward research on science, technology, sport, art, & fashion to fuel creative direction and design direction.
  • Identify distinctions and/or similarities across the key cities, markets, and communities in partnership with partner Insights teams eg. Strategy/Analytics.
  • Deliver business/brand priority relevant insights & trends to be directly applied to: Innovation, Creative Direction, Brand Expression, Product Color, Material, Graphics & for direct handover to the Label/BU & stakeholder functions with foundational directives.


  1. Be the constant guide and partner to the brands global design/creative communities as they apply insights and guidance.
  • Inform Key Concepts & Creative Strategy with applied design insights & trends with ongoing seasonal cadence. Inform current design and trend lifecycles of what is evolving, emerging, & accelerating.
  • Own, Curate, Design, & Drive Visual Communication Tools for creative trend and cultural direction. Identify new digital & mixed media platforms for enablement, upskilling, & constant sharing.
  • Lead trend and insight sessions and deep dive applications, guidance, & tangible recommendations with all brand label and BU creative teams.
  • Lead a feedback loop with the creative communities of how their work should/can/has impacted culture to ensure constant learning and a drive towards increased standards toward design excellence.


  1. Be the global cultural and creative trend intelligence leader and representative for the brands global creative direction and design communities.
  • Represent creative community needs with related insight stakeholders in strategy, innovation, marketing, merchandising and digitial analytics.
  • Establish to maintain a resource library of distilled and relevant trends & cultural insights for the creative organisation. Embed tools that are shaped by the world of the consumer & culture that are physical, digital, experimental.
  • Lead Open-Source partnerships with credible academics, insight research partners, creative/sport communities, & cultural intelligence platforms.
  • Co-lead the Global brand Trend Working Group. Key partners: Design; Brand Strategy; Key Cities, Digital Innovation; Communications, Merchandising, & Retail. Evangelize & shepherd across the brand & group end-to-end.


  • Drive onboarding, workshopping, and education of the organization on defined and documented near-, mid-, and long-term design/creative trends and cultural direction that provide the foundation for business and creative strategies
  • Drive & own briefings to external agency partners with all relevant Cultural Trend & Design Insight toolboxes, most particularly for all Creative Direction, also in collaboration with Innovation Foresight Teams, & Brand Marketing/Communication Teams respectively.


Key Relationships:

  • Direct Design Community & Concepts peer teams – S.E.E.D, Concept Development & Design Community & Culture.
  • Global design community members across Business Units, Innovation & Creative Direction functions.
  • Insights teams and/or recipients within Brand Strategy, Innovation, marketing and merchandising.
  • Market insights and digital analytics teams.
  • Open-Source Partners: Agencies, Academics, Maker/Design Culture, Sports Science & Innovation Research Fields, Top Creators, Key Citiies


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Big picture and visionary thinking.
  • Extensively analyze complex issues.
  • Leading through visions & values.
  • Collaborator and connector, with ability to build and maintain extensive networks as well as be strong team leader, role model and mentor.
  • Proven track record in
    • Research/insight gathering and sensemaking.
    • Product or graphic design. Transforming finger-on-the pulse insight into creative/style/ product expression solutions.
    • Selling strategies and recommendations based on consumer insight / futures that align with business objectivces.
  • Excellent presentation skills


Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:

  • >10-15 +years functional experience in research/insight development/creative direction
  • > 10 years leadership experience with proven track record of leading functional teams/and or running a business
  • Degree in Design or related field
  • Fluent in English


adidas celebrates diversity, supports inclusiveness and encourages individual expression in our workplace. We do not tolerate the harassment or discrimination toward any of our applicants or employees. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Title:  Senior Director - Cultural Trends & Design Insights

Brand:  adidas
Location:  Portland
TEAM:  Design
State:  OR
Country/Region:  US
Contract Type:  Full time
Number:  475649
Date:  Sep 12, 2022