Sr. Quality Inspector



This is not an entry-level position and is directly responsible for quality audits within the Manufacturing departments and will have mastered all areas of inspection regarding Manufacturing operations and in-process Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) inspections. This position’s primary inspection operation will be able to adhere to the quality assurance standards set in place.

This position has mastered the understanding of the leagues, teams, colors, fabrics, garment specifications, embellishment types, screen-print and embroidery basic techniques, some of the computer systems and all quality assurance standards and processes through out the facility.  This position will work same shift as the Manufacturing departments.


Key Responsibilities: 
•    SUPPORT FOR QC II INSPECTOR – This position will provide support to the Quality II Inspector and make sound decisions on questionable quality issues.
•    TRAINING - This position will have been trained on all quality operations.
•    RANDOM AUDITS – This position will conduct random audits from press to press to ensure that the completed garments are consistent with the first piece sign off garment.
•    WASH TEST – This position will be responsible for wash testing and recording the results.
•    100% INSPECTIONS – This position will be responsible for completing 100% inspections on failed audits and filling out 100% audit forms.
•    CLOSING GRIDS – This position will be responsible for closing grids at the Pack at Press stations (TechFit and Framis).
•    COMMUNICATION - This position will do an information exchange with the prior and forth coming shifts in regards to: status, issues and any pertinent information that the next shift may need. This position will also communicate directly with Manufacturing & Quality Managers.
•    FIRST PIECE APPROVAL SIGN OFF – This position will be responsible for inspecting, understanding tolerance levels and approving the first piece production for: color, placement, verifying grid information, color copy comparison, print technique, registration, curing, coverage, graphic alignment, branding, specialty application, style/graphic number, correct garment, count, size run, if the order is complete/order make ups and any other quality standards defined.
•    MONITORING FIRST PIECE APPROVAL SIGN OFF – This position will be responsible for monitoring the First Piece Approvals that Manufacturing Inspectors approve on the Water Base and TechFit presses. And to give additional on the spot training/mentoring regarding 1st Piece Sign Offs, if there are issues. This position has the authority to override a Manufacturing Inspector’s approval.
•    RECORDING DATA – This position will be responsible for accurately recording key quality data in the AMPS system, to ensure press Operators are given proper credit for set-ups, garments produced, and reject rates.
•    5S – This position will be responsible for maintaining 5s standards.
•    ANY OTHER ASSIGNMENTS GIVEN – Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted, or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.


Key Relationships:  
•    All manufacturing departments
•    Art Departments


Knowledge Skills and Abilities: (describe the technical skills required for the position, specific expertise needed to perform the job, describe any applicable knowledge required for the position)
•    Must possess leadership qualities
•    Must have the ability to work independently and effectively
•    Must be able to work accurately
•    Must possess excellent communication skills
•    Must possess excellent attention to detail
•    Must be dependable, have solid attendance and be able to work overtime
•    Must possess some working knowledge in word, excel, outlook
•    Must be a fast learner and be able to multi task
•    Must have a good sense of urgency
•    Must demonstrate good judgment and be professional at all times
•    Must be a team player
•    Must have visual acuity for analyzing color
•    The ability to lift totes, product, color books, boxes, ink buckets, etc. regularly.
•    The ability to push buggies/gaylords regularly.
•    The ability to move safely around Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)/forklifts/screen print presses.
•    The ability to wear personal protective gear as needed (gloves, eye protectant, ear plugs, etc).
•    The ability to work around heat – screen print flashes and dryers.


Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 
•    Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent, would prefer a two year degree or higher or two years of relevant full-time experience.
•    Should have experience in a role that requires at once decision making as a key requirement.


adidas celebrates diversity, supports inclusiveness and encourages individual expression in our workplace. We do not tolerate the harassment or discrimination toward any of our applicants or employees. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Title:  Sr. Quality Inspector

Brand:  adidas
Location:  Indianapolis
TEAM:  Supply Chain Management
State:  IN
Country/Region:  US
Contract Type:  Full time
Number:  452070
Date:  Jun 14, 2022