Team Lead GBS AP

Key Responsibilities:


  • Perform accounting tasks in AP/AR/RTL for small, larger and more complex markets, having to deal with specific cases of each market
  • Check and review master data changes
  • Perform quality checks on the work output within the team
  • Create and maintain desktop procedures, checking for inconsistencies and improvement opportunities
  • Reconcile accounts to Group reporting (GRAPE) and resolve differences
  • Handling of internal and external customer queries on standard and  complex/specific cases
  • Develop and implement specific training schemes for backups and X-training within the team
  • Technical expert on SAP and other systems, being the reference contact between the team and management for improvements or specific issues that might occur
  • Monitor of work request and allocation (ticketing and e-mails)
  • Perform and support period end processing tasks
  • Key contact between team and VAT group to address, solve and implement VAT-related questions
  • Drive continuous improvement projects for own area of responsibility
  • Expert in specific cases within the team, being the reference contact for internal and external queries
  • Support Team lead with tracking, compiling and reporting on KPIs
  • Analytical review on cross-check on audit. report discrepancies and suggest improvement measures
  • Provide technical accounting advice within area of expertise
  • Compile and prepare monthly reports (e.g. workflow open items, interim accounts, double payments)


  • 根据不同中小规模和较复杂市场的特殊需求,完成AP/AR/RTL的会计工作
  • 检查复核主数据更新
  • 完成或复核会计处理、审核工作,评估团队的工作质量
  • 创建并维护操作手册,寻找流程改善机会
  • 根据集团报告对帐并解决总账和明细账之间的差异
  • 在标准和较复杂的情况下处理内部和外部客户咨询
  • 在团队内部开发和实施针对backup人员的培训课程及员工之间的相互培训
  • 成为在SAP和其他系统的技术专家,对可能发生的改善或特殊问题,成为团队内部和管理部门的主要联络人
  • 按时检查和分配客户需求(TicketE-mails
  • 协助完成期末结账
  • 作为团队内部与VAT小组的主要联系人,处理解决VAT相关问题
  • 推动所负责领域的持续改善项目
  • 担当某些领域的技术专家,作为团队内部和外部需求的主要联络人
  • 协助Team lead ,跟进、编制KPI报告
  • 对审计报告中的审计事项进行分析性核对,并提出改进方案
  • 就财务某专业领域提供技术性建议
  • 编制和准备月度报告 (例如:未清项报告,过渡科目报告,重复付款报告等







Key Relationships:


  • Team colleagues
  • Superior
  • Colleagues connected via the process area in other parts of FSS
  • Business Partner key contacts (only some areas e.g. GL)


  • 同事
  • 主管
  • 其他流程的同事
  • 业务合作伙伴的主要联系人(仅为某些区域,例如总账)


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • Good communication skills
  • Customer service mindset
  • Very good English level
  • Very strong accounting expertise within area of work


  • 良好的沟通能力
  • 良好的客户服务意识
  • 优秀的英语听说读写能力
  • 优秀的财务专业知识


Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:


  • University degree or equivalent education required
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in payments and/or receivables areas


  • 大学本科或相当学历
  • 5年以上应收应付账款领域工作经验


adidas celebrates diversity, supports inclusiveness and encourages individual expression in our workplace. We do not tolerate the harassment or discrimination toward any of our applicants or employees. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Title:  Team Lead GBS AP

Brand:  adidas
Location:  Dalian
TEAM:  Accounting & Finance
State:  LN
Country/Region:  CN
Contract Type:  Full time
Number:  375355
Date:  Oct 13, 2021