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Privacy Notice – adidas Career Portal

1.                  WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?
At adidas, privacy means fair play and transparency. This information (“Notice”) describes how adidas collects and uses your data as part of the recruitment process. adidas would like to emphasize that adidas takes the protection of your privacy and your data very seriously and that it processes your data always in accordance with applicable data protection laws which we will explain to you below in more detail.
In accordance with European General Data Protection Legislation (“GDPR”) and local applicable laws, this Privacy Notice provides you information on how adidas collects, uses, protects, keeps, shares and deletes (collectively, we call it “process” or “processing” in this Privacy Notice) your personal details. We also provide you information about how you can contact us to exercise your rights.
The career portal is operated by adidas to support the application process worldwide. By creating a candidate profile, you can apply for specific jobs directly or declare your interest in working for adidas. The controller of this career portal is:
adidas AG
Adi-Dassler-Str. 1
91074 Herzogenaurach
As soon as you apply for a specific job, the application will be transferred to the entity of adidas which is offering the job description. Any of the personal data you provide (including all data from the attachments) will be used by the adidas AG and the according entity for the purpose of the application process. When this document refers to “adidas” or “us”, the adidas AG is meant.
3.                  GLOBAL PRIVACY OFFICER
Dr. Falk Böhm
Global Privacy Officer

adidas AG I Adi-Dassler-Str. 1 I 91074 Herzogenaurach I Germany
Please use the contacts at the end of the Notice to get into contact with the Global Privacy Officer.
Candidate Profile - For the creation of a candidate profile it is necessary that you provide at least your first and last name, email address, mobile phone number, current employer, current title and primary area of interest;
Locally required information - Additionally, when applying for a specific job it might occur that we ask you for further job related personal data. Depending on the country this may vary in scope and type. It is possible that sensitive information such as trade union membership or health information might be questioned. This depends on the local requirements of the country the specific job is offered in. This data will automatically be transferred to the next application form you will use for this country;
Further submitted information - In order to complete your candidate profile, you can voluntarily add other job-related information at a later stage. Your CV will automatically be transferred to the candidate profile after your application was submitted and provided in your next application form;
Important information - Currently, when applying for US jobs additional data (typed signature, minimum age of 18 and EEO information as ethnicity, veteran status and disability status) will be asked. Non-US-residents/-citizens must not fill in these fields even when they apply for US jobs;
Enabling the recruitment and selection processes, succession and career planning and pursuing legitimate interests, in particular:
Candidate pool for a specific job - Your application data will be processed only for filling the specific position you have applied for. In this case, just those adidas employees who are involved in the recruiting process for this particular job will gain access to your application data;
International candidate pool - Your application data will be shared within adidas worldwide for filling purposes. Every employee of adidas who is involved in the filling process or who is looking for candidates will have access to your data;
Legal compliance & legitimate business interests - Your personal data is also processed in compliance with applicable laws and protection of adidas’ legitimate business interests and legal rights, including, but not limited to, use in connection with legal claims, compliance, regulatory, investigative purposes (including disclosure of such information in connection with legal process or litigation).
National candidate pool - Your application data will be available for filling open positions of adidas entities within the country of your residence. All employees of adidas within this certain country who are involved in the selection process or are looking for candidates in this country will have access to your data;

Getting in touch with you - If you created a job alert/search you will be informed about current job offers automatically via email. If you activate your profile for the national or international candidate pool, employees of adidas may contact you by email or, if you have provided your phone number, give you a call to inform you about relevant job offers;
For the abovementioned purposes your data may be shared with the following third parties in accordance with applicable laws:
Affiliates - adidas is a global enterprise comprised of a several companies operating globally which is headquartered in Germany. adidas AG will share your data with other adidas companies if it is necessary for the purposes explained in this Notice;
Service Providers - We share your data with third party service providers, who help us to manage the overall business. Such service providers include hosting providers, IT service providers, candidate assessment providers or consultants.
Government Authorities and Law Enforcement Officials - Your data may be shared with government authorities and/or law enforcement officials if mandated by law or if required for the legal protection of our legitimate interests in compliance with applicable laws.
Other third parties - If required during the recruitment process, adidas will pass a limited subset of your data, mainly name and contact data to other third parties such as assessment providers. You may be invited to provide further information directly to these third parties. You will enter a direct relationship with these companies for this purpose and as such your personal details will be used and protected in accordance with the privacy policies of those third parties.
Recruiting - We will process and use your personal details to fulfil our duties related to the recruiting relationship;
Enabling business and pursuing legitimate interests - We will process and use your personal details to enable adidas business related to succession and career planning and to pursue further legitimate adidas interests. Provided always that adidas’ interests are not overridden by your data protection rights.
Compliance with laws - We will process and use your personal details to comply with legal obligations under applicable laws.
Your consent - Where you have given consent regarding the usage of your data, adidas will use your data as consented. For example, for usage of your data for specific tests. Where adidas asks for consent, you are free to revoke it for the future.
Protection of your data - adidas will protect your data, regardless of whether it is inside or outside the EU and regardless of whether it is processed by adidas, affiliates or by third party service providers on behalf of adidas;
Compliance with laws - Where information is transferred out of the European Economic Area (E.E.A.), data is in all cases adequately protected under appropriate safeguards such as E.U. Commission approved standard contractual clauses or an appropriate Privacy Shield certification;
Profile information - If you do not delete your profile data, your candidate profile will be stored for different periods of time after your last login. You will be informed about the deletion of your profile data via email. We will block and keep your data if you take legal action against the adidas. The data will be deleted at the end of the legal proceeding.
standard                                                                                              12 months
Swiss jobs                                                                                            1 day
Austrian and German jobs                                                                6 months
Canadian, Chinese, French, Greek, Greenlandic, Russian,
and Swedish jobs                                                                               24 months
US jobs                                                                                                36 months
Application - Your application will be stored for different retention periods after rejection. Additionally, we will block and keep your data if you take legal action against the adidas. In such a case your data will be deleted at the end of the legal proceeding. Your application will be stored for the following different retention periods after rejection:
standard                                                                                              6 months
Swiss jobs                                                                                           1 day
Norwegian and Serbian jobs                                                           12 months
Canadian, Chinese, Russian, and Sweden jobs                            24 months
US jobs                                                                                                36 months
Security policies & standards - adidas strives to maintain the highest standards of security and adidas has put in place robust technical and organizational measures for the protection of your data in accordance with the current, general state of the art technologies, especially to protect your data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction;
Security procedures - While adidas cannot guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur, please be assured that all employees and service providers processing data on behalf of adidas must take great care in maintaining the security of any data and in preventing unauthorized access to it using appropriate technology and procedures;
Access - You can ask adidas for a copy of your personal data; unless otherwise specified, we would provide a copy of your personal data in a commonly used electronic form;
Correct your personal details - You have the right to make sure your personal details are accurate and complete. Please log in to your account and make the necessary corrections. You can even edit your application until it is rejected. If you need help, please ask us for support.
Data Portability - You have the right to get a copy of your personal details to carry over to a new company. You can request a copy of your personal details in machine readable format within your account. If you have an account with adidas, please log in to your account to make a request. If you need help, please ask us for support;
Complain to a Regulator / Supervisory Authority - If you are not satisfied with the way we handled your rights, you have the right to make a complaint with a supervisory authority in the EU Member State that you are located in.
Deletion - If you no longer want to interact with us, or you do not want us to have your personal details, you have the right to ask us to delete all your personal details from our systems. However, please note that there might be legal obligations we need to comply with which compel us to decline your requests or to keep certain information. If you have an account with adidas, please log in to your account and delete your account. If you need help, please ask us for support.
Restrict how we use and process your personal details - You can ask adidas to not process your Personal Data if you think our information about you is not accurate, or you contest our legal and legitimate business interests in processing your personal data;
Important Information - To assist you with any of the requests listed above, we may need to confirm your identity; Please note that some of the rights are also subject to restrictions, such as a legal obligation and defence of a legal claim. Where your request has been rejected, we will inform you and provide you with relevant information;
Contact your Privacy Team - If you wish to exercise the rights you have in relation to your data, if you have questions about this Notice or wish to contact adidas for any other reason in relation to your data processing, please reach out to the Global Privacy Team.
The Global Privacy Team can be reached:
adidas AG / Global Privacy Team
Adi-Dassler-Straße 1
91074 Herzogenaurach
Contact your data protection authority - If adidas cannot satisfactorily resolve any concerns or issues you have about how adidas processes your data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your local Data Protection Authority, or with the local Data Protection Authority in Bavaria, Germany which is in charge for adidas.
Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA)
Promenade 27
91522 Ansbach
TEL: +49 (0) 981 53 1300
This Notice may be updated periodically. adidas will update the date at the top of its first page accordingly and encourage you to check for changes that it has made, which will be available at the website. On some occasions, adidas may also actively advise you of specific data handling activities or significant changes to this Notice, as required by applicable law.