Assistant Manager Franchise Retail Operations, YY East

Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organization:

  • To ensure the Franchise Ops coverage program been well executed by regional Franchise Ops departments
  • To constantly help the customer to build up retail capability
  • To improve the ST performance for BLR and RE stores

Key Responsibilities:

  • Monitor RE stores ST performance data by district and customer

(X stores are HQ Retail Ops' responsibility, Y stores are regions' responsibility and Z stores are managed by the customer)

  • RE store management
  • Pay regular visits to RE stores within the managed district
  • Produce RE store performance data report for the HQ
  • Discuss with cross function in the performance review of RE stores
  • Execute the action plans formed by the HQ
  • Store visits
  • Pay regular visits to stores within the managed district
  • Pay (combined) visits to selected stores (important or problematic stores)
  • Give store performance assessment through F-aRMS checklist
  • Cross cover the pre-designed items for other Franchise Ops functions (eg. VM maintenance)
  • Conduct on site problem shooting through communicating with store manager and staff
  • Give coach to the store staff where applicable
  • Make "comprehensive store visit reports" after the store visit
  • Collect MSP reports and monitor the store performance based on the results
  • Off site problem shooting
  • Communicate with customer OP team to solve retail ops related problems identified during the store visit
  • Consolidate problems with other Franchise Ops functions through analysis of "comprehensive store visits" from all the store visiting departments
  • Communicate with and coordinate related departments to solve the problems for other Franchise Ops departments identified
  • Monitor the solving of all problems concerning customer stores ST
  • Coordinate retail training to customers
  • Communicate with HQ training team to address the customers training needs
  • Lead the Monthly ST Meeting (Regional Meeting)
  • Lead the review and discussion of HC & Key stores performance through ST data analysis
  • Coordinate the functional presentation of all the Franchise Ops departments
  • Lead the review of execution quality and effectiveness of action plan for the previous month
  • Lead the discussion and formation of the action plan for the next month
  • Coordinate the best practice sharing from RO team
  • Coordinate the participation and cooperation of sales team in the Franchise Ops coverage program
  • Participate in the HQ Monthly ST Meeting


System and Processes

  • Basic understanding of national business goals, growth strategies, account structure and retail/trade marketing related policies and processes



  • Other related job assigned by supervisor


Key Relationships:



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Communicate with others
  • Manage relationships and diversity
  • Planning and organizing
  • Analysis and problem solving
  • Learning and self-development
  • Manage Business (Processes and Projects) if applicable
  • Manage and Develop People if applicable
  • Good understanding of retail know how and rich experience in retail operation
  • Excellent interpersonal/communication skills
  • Basic sales skills and customer service knowledge (consumer service oriented)
  • Data analysis skills, planning skills
  • Communication skills, relationship management and empathy
  • Strong drive to achieve company target
  • Self-motivating
  • High execution ability and self-management
  • Very high level of integrity
  • High influencing skill
  • People management skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Results oriented
  • Practical, reactive
  • Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:



  • Bachelor's Degree in retail related discipline is required


Professional background / Experience

  • A passion for and an understanding of SPORT, along with the desire to translate this passion into exploring the adidas sports market in China
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player & positive attitude
  • Open-minded
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • 2-3 years related experience with a high class consumer goods or retail brand
  • Good understanding of retail business
  • College degree or above
  • Basic English communication skills
  • Strong PC skills
  • Data collection and analysis skill



  • Performance
    • Comparable Store
    • Retail Inventory Stock tum
  • Performance Driver
    • Traffic
    • Conversion
    • # of transactions
    • UPT
    • ATV
    • Sales/sgm
  • Enabler
    • MSP
    • RMS
    • Training Hours/FTE
  • Key City: Key City SOB
  • Future City: Future City SOB



Location:  Shanghai
Country:  Greater China
Team:  Sales
Brand:  adidas
Position Type:  Full time
Number:  190044