Women in Tech, Digital and Data & analytics at adidas

Enhancing Women's key role in our Tech ecosystem

At adidas, women are the driving force in the Tech, Digital and Data by igniting innovation, embracing diversity and shaping the future of sports and fashion. ⚽👟Their unique perspectives unlock possibilities, fuel robust solutions, and deliver exceptional user experiences. Through communication and collaboration, they foster inclusive environments where creativity thrives. Women here at adidas make technology a catalyst for equality, designing cutting-edge solutions that empower all and revolutionize the industry. 💪

Together, they are breaking boundaries, unlocking potential, and empowering women in the tech world to do the same. Fancy joining us on this mission? Sign up to our talent pool 👉 

Our communities

Meet our Women in Tech, Digital and Data Communities. They’re changing the way that we work at adidas. Together and around the globe, 🌍 they are embracing diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, creating a positive and safe workspace for all. They all share the same purpose – to bring optimism to life through innovation to shape a more balanced future together, while elevating female voices and shaping gender parity in the TDD industry.  

Watch this video on our @adidasCareers Instagram channel to see how Women in Tech came together at a recent event in Zaragoza.


Discover our teams


When it comes to enabling sustainable and consumer focused growth through digital platforms, our tech organization’s got it covered. 🙌

As a horizontal function, Tech is digitalizing our business along the entire value chain. They are a global community of passionate Tech experts, spread across our 4 Headquarters and 4 Tech Hubs, all working to enable our shift towards a digitally driven business thanks to our Backend, Frontend, SAP, Salesforce, Mobile, SRE, QA, Platform, Security and Tech enablement teams. 💻 

At our tech hub in Spain, our women are coming together to support, inspire, and empower one another. Through interactive mentoring sessions, technical talks, open discussions, and workout sessions, they’re helping each other navigate the tech environment at adidas. 🧘‍♀️ Watch this video to learn more. 

Do you want to know more about our Tech team? Check out the team page.

Explore our developer portal to find out more about our tech stack. 


Our ambition is to establish Digital as our #1 store. 🛒 

For this, five e-com strategic themes are defined as priorities driven by cross-functional teams to achieve this shared goal… 👉 #digitalisateamsport. The main thing we talk about in Digital is that people and culture are our superpower. 🚀 This is our base, it's our foundation. We are ensuring a balance between business decisions with what's good for our people and our team. We like to laugh, have fun and work together as a team.  

Check out the Digital team page here.


The Data & Analytics (D&A) team provides data as well as insights to drive change, support business decisions and empower process improvements for all units and functions globally. They fuel business value and innovation by unlocking the potential of data to create impactful solutions and integrate them in all the different functions and processes. 📈


Hear it directly from our team. Meet Afope, a software developer slash poet who loves writing code as much as prose.



Mansi C. - Director Tech Project Management

Herzogenaurach, Germany 🇩🇪

"I am proud to be a part of adidas because this organization empowers me to embrace my strength, celebrate my individuality, and break barriers with every step, inspiring a new generation of fearless and confident women with the power of allyship."

Anastasia A.  - Senior Manager Digital Operations

Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱

"Working in Digital & eCommerce is like getting on a rollercoaster - crazy fast and scary yet undeniably intriguing, exciting and adventurous. The beauty of working in this space is constant exposure to various areas of the business where you unwillingly become an expert. Be it product launches, tech releases, consumer experience or consumer services, you name it! Most importantly, it’s the space where you meet a bunch of talented and enthusiastic people that make your job so much more fun. Got on that rollercoaster and been enjoying it so far!"

Echo Z. - Director eCommerce Douyin

Shanghai, China 🇨🇳

"adidas is a place full of opportunities and challenges, also it's the most inclusive brand I've worked for. I tried the different functions in digital, from membership capabilities, OS capabilities and now worked in EC business TikTok platform in Greater China.  With all these different experiences, help me better understand values of the brand, belief in leadership and integrity. I love and enjoy working here, every step, correct or wrong, all encourage me to face the challenges, show the value of my work, and guide me to my next step!"

Paola Y. - Director Technology Consultancy

Bogota, Colombia 🇨🇴

“Being part of the Tech team at adidas and having a leadership role has given me the opportunity to work not only on the technical aspects but also to grow as a team within our culture of "belonging". Every day we are more and more women in the tech area that contribute with our experience and show that we are part of the organizational change.” 

Palak A. - Senior Software Engineer

Gurgaon, India 🇮🇳

"Being a sports company the core values like teamplay and ownership can be seen even in the tech teams, which builds a healthy environment to work. Also seeing our development rollouts live in the market to which we are also connected as customer. Making me constantly strive for delivering the best tech product in the market." 

Natalia L. - Manager Hype Operations | Digital

Zaragoza, Spain 🇪🇸

"It's been an incredible journey joining the Digital Hub! Even after my many years at adidas, it feels as though I've entered a whole new realm. I'm gaining a unique perspective on digital business and seeing firsthand how technology forms the backbone of adidas's operations. Plus, it's exciting to be part of a team spread across the globe!"

Raquel F. - Senior Technology Consultant

Porto, Portugal 🇵🇹

"I'm thrilled to contribute to business process significant improvements due to the usage of the latest technologies. It is fantastic to feel the trust and empowerment the team has given to me and to work in such a collaborative environment."

Our benefits

Our benefits

We believe in a culture and workplace where everyone can thrive and feel both included and safe. 

Employee ​​​​​​Benefits at adidas are built upon the foundation of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. They reflect our core belief, our culture, and values, with Employee Experience as our starting point.  

New ways of working & time off. Work-life Balance

⭐ Flexibility, quality time off, taking a break from work, and doing other things is vital to our health and success!  

⭐ We offer programs and benefits that help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance and manage both professional and out of work responsibilities. Such as flexible working hours, remote workdays, work from anywhere for 10 days a year and generous holiday plans.

Inclusive work environment

⭐️ We are committed to Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace where every employee feels valued and respected. Collaboration, mutual respect, and creating and enriching a diverse workspace for all is encouraged.  


Wondering how you’ll professionally grow at adidas? Let us introduce you to our 3 key pillars of development: Betterment, Career and International Work Opportunities.

- We promote continuous professional growth and development, enabling employees to develop new skills, knowledge, and competencies relevant to their work. This learning initiative promotes a growth mindset culture, which can drive success and career advancement within the company.

- We offer a solid program that provides employees with guidance and support to plan and advance their careers. Through the Career Path, employees can identify their career goals and aspirations. Through performance evaluations and development plans, employees chart a clear path to achieve their career goals and stay motivated and committed to long-term development.

-We are a global company, which means that our employees can work in a variety of locations and cultural environments. This international experience is enriching both personally and professionally and can help you develop cross-cultural adaptation and leadership skills.

Employee benefits and programs

We offer a wide range of benefits and programs. Check out our the benefits section of our careers site for more info. 

Social impact and sustainability

We are determined to make the world a better place through sustainability at adidas. We give you the opportunity to contribute to projects and programs that promote positive change in society and the environment.  




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